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Recently, the Huffington Post reported that less than 30% of women masturbate on a regular basis. A group survey conducted by toy mega-retailer Adam & Eve reported an even lower number, 20%.

Well...why not? Masturbation is both healthy and very enjoyable, so why aren’t we doing it more?

It could be because, even though we live in a pretty liberated modern time, we still have a lot of hangups about female sexuality and there are a lot of misconceptions out there about female masturbation. Often, we assume that we don’t “need” to masturbate, that it’s for the lonely spinster or the hyper-sexualized- or pornography. Well I’m here to tell you it’s not! In a previous post, I mentioned the myriad of health benefits associated with orgasms: reducing stress and lowering blood pressure, strengthening pelvic muscles, boosting your mood, and more!

Let me drop some statistics on you

In 2009, the creators of Trojan funded a sex study and discovered that...

  • 52.5% of women surveyed had used a vibrator during their lives
  • 76% women who used vibrators agreed their use was part of a healthy sex life 

In 2012, Adam and Eve conducted a customer survey and found that...

  • 44% of women between the ages of 18 and 60 have used a sex toy
  • 20% of women masturbate at least once a week
  • 60% of those who masturbate use a sex toy
  • 78% of women who use or have used a sex toy said they were also in a relationship
  • Married women are twice as likely to use a vibrator than single women

So ladies, if we’re already comfortable using vibrators with a partner, then why not take the leap from co-pilot to solo flyer?

No one can ever know your body better than you can, which is why a little self-exploration is necessary not only for a healthy self-image, but it will greatly improve your sex life as well. Learning what your body likes puts you in touch with your own orgasm, no pun intended, and it will help you communicate your desires to your partner, resulting in better and more frequent orgasms during foreplay and intercourse. 

Get in the mood

Unlike men, who are primarily visual and have a much easier time getting “turned on”, women often require more “mental” stimulation to get their engines going. We live in a fast-paced world and as a result, we often find ourselves over-stressed, under-nourished, and overwhelmed. This can put a real drag on your sex drive and ability to get aroused. So instead of waiting around for someone else to take care of your needs, set the mood and woo yourself!

Carve out some “me” time that’s free from distractions. Get your mind and body in tune with exercise or relax with a stress-busting bath- whatever works best for you! Pay attention to the sensation of your breath as you inhale and exhale, how the fabric of your clothes or water moves against your skin, and so on, letting your sensory perceptions take center stage. Let go of all the things that build up in your brain all day- work, deadlines, kids, anxieties, et cetera- and just focus on you, on your body, and how your body feels.

But what does all this have to do with mastering my orgasm, you ask? Like I said before, most of a woman’s orgasm is in her brain. Nothing kills arousal like stress and anxiety. Being relaxed is key-and so is being in tune with your body. That leads us to our third and final step: to touch yourself. Explore your body, discover your hidden hot zones by running your hands or a vibrator all over your body. Start by touching and massaging your ears, an often ignored little spot that’s packed with nerve endings, and work your way down. Linger on spots that are extra sensitive, such as your nipples and inner thighs. Finally, when you’re ready, venture south and explore your hot spot with the expert touch of the one person who knows it better than anyone else- you!

If you want more stimulation than just your fingers, try the Ione by Loveo, 100% waterproof and guaranteed to take any sensual massage to the next level. The most impressive function of this rechargeable massager is its vibration itself- designed with new Sense-Touch technology, the intensity of the vibration increases according to your body’s own response. This means that the vibes get stronger the longer the Ione is in contact with your skin, like a crescendo, without you having to switch through a series of button settings. Use the Ione as an allover body massager to relax and relieve tension, focusing on stimulating your most sensitive erogenous zones for maximum pleasure.

Sing it from the rooftops!

Another fan favorite, The Nox, is also a brand new, first-of-its-kind toy. Similar to the way the Ione responds to the touch of skin, Nox reacts to auditory feedback. In addition to pre-set vibration patterns, the NOX “hears” noise, such as music or even your voice, and increases in speed and intensity accordingly. Set it to your favorite songs and literally “feel the music”.

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