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The cock ring.
You see them everywhere from adult stores to late night tv commercials- heck, even some Walmarts stock them now. But what do they do exactly? I mean, they sure don’t look like anything special. Are they safe? How do they work? And with a nearly endless variety to choose from, how do you pick one that’s right for you?

The magic behind the c-ring is pretty simple: when placed around the base of his erect penis, a c-ring slows the flow of blood out of the penis, essentially “trapping” it in the shaft, increasing firmness, prolonging erection, and intensifying a man’s orgasm.

Most are pretty basic, nothing more than a rubber, leather, or silicone band. A very popular solution for men who suffer from ED (erectile dysfunction), the product’s original intended consumer, the primary function of this type of ring is to maintain erection, and many users enjoy the feeling of engorgement the constriction provides. Some designs, such as the LAID P.2 and P.3, are elastic enough to be stretched around the testicles as well, stimulating the perineum and increasing sensation during orgasm.

Other c-rings, like Je Joue’s Mio, are designed with the ladies in mind. These aptly termed “love rings” have a built in vibrator to titillate the clitoris during intercourse. Dust off your cowgirl hat and take girl-on-top positions to new heights with Lovelife/SHARE by OhMiBod, a powerful little luxury toy that’s perfect for first timers and cock ring aficionados alike!

Cock rings make a great “first toy” for couples who are new to experimenting with vibrators in the bedroom. Women will love the extra clitoral stimulation and men will love turning themselves into a “walking vibrator”.

Logistically speaking, the vibrating rings work best in positions like missionary and cowgirl (as known as “girl on top”). However, there’s really no wrong way to eat a Reese’s, as they say, so don’t be afraid to get creative. Want to do it doggystyle? Simply twist (gently twist!) the ring around so the vibrating head is still aligned with her lady pearl. An added bonus? In this position, the vibes will stimulate his family jewels as well.

For more, check out our selection of LOVE RINGS, all 100% medical grade silicone toys by the best names in the business: Je Joue, OhMiBod, LAID, and Lelo.

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