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Looking at our site, you may be blanching a little at our prices. Maybe you have been to a local “adult novelty store” or been enticed by the seemingly dirt cheap offers and massive variety offered by online megastores. But don’t be fooled! Here at Pleasure’s Peak, we strive to deliver you the highest quality toys and lubricants we can find. We scour the globe for the best products and we are committed to only carrying brands that are internationally recognized for their quality and safety.

Safety? Did she just say safety?

Yes. I did.

Now, “safety” might be a word often associated with car seats, but it’s probably not something you always hear when talking about sex toys. There is a reason for that: the sex toy industry is not regulated. That means that, for the most part, retailers and manufacturers can sell what they want, make what they want, and call it what they want. This is not a good thing. What this means is that “popular” toy makers like Doc Johnson and CalExotics, notoriously “cheap”, have overseas factories that mass-produce products out of low quality, chemical laden, even toxic materials like phalates.

Well, what the heck is a phalate and why is it so bad?

Glad you asked!

Phthalates are a group of man-made chemicals that are structurally related to the organic acid, phthalic acid. The most important use of phthalates is in plastics, especially PVC, where they act as plasticisers. (

These chemicals have been proven to be TOXIC (read cancer-causing and mutagenic) when ingested or absorbed by the body! Now remember, the skin is the largest organ on your body and it is an absorbent membrane. In other words, using phalate-containing toys is the equivalent of slathering poison all over your most delicate and absorbent areas!

If they’re so dangerous, why do companies keep using them? Well, bottom line is they are cheap and nobody is telling them not to.

How do I know if my toy is made of phalates?

There are easy ways to spot a PVC toy, or one that’s made from cheap, low quality materials. First, there is what I like to call the “price-rule”, a general rule of thumb when shopping for anything sex is that the cheaper the price, the cheaper the quality. You get what you pay for, in other words. The next dead giveaway is the “smell test”. PVCs have a distinct chemical smell. They also tend to “sweat” in their packages. This is a result of chemical breakdown and can often be seen easily on “jelly” toys, which are often covered with an oily, sometimes spermicidal coating to give them a “slick feel”. Gross!

Lastly, read the label! Time are a-changing, and there is SOME regulation out there. For example, in Europe, any product that can be absorbed by, ingested by, or inserted into the body must meet a standard of “body-safe” requirements, which adhere to the same regulations found in the markets for children’s toys and medical devices. US based JimmyJane employs third-party quality testers to ensure that all of their products meet US FDA regulations and EU quality and safety standards.

Also look for brands like Pjur, from Germany, or the U.K. based Je Joue.

If not PVC, what materials SHOULD I be looking for?

While PVC and rubber are still, unfortunately, many manufacturers’ “go to” material, silicone is swiftly and surely overtaking the market. The benefits of silicone are endless: it’s softer and smoother than other materials, more durable, and can’t be absorbed by the body. But just like we learned in Lube 101, not all silicones are created equal. For a silicone product to be “medical grade”, it means that silicone is it’s only ingredient, it’s not mixed with fillers, and it’s refined to it’s highest form. Less refined silicone can be grainy and will break down when it comes into contact with other chemicals, including lubricants. Make sure your silicone passes the “touch test”. The higher quality the silicone, the smoother and softer it will feel to the touch.

Try out Lelo’s Mona II, you’ll see what I’m talking about!

In fact, we have a good-natured joke around here: Lelo Forever!

That’s because brands like Lelo, We-Vibe, and JimmyJane, who are industry leaders in the luxury toy market, have all publicly pledged to making only 100% body- safe, medical grade products of the highest quality.

And they’ve been doing it since before “phalate-free” was even a thing!

These companies consistently produce the best-rated, most technologically advanced toys on the market. Focusing totally on effective design and customer satisfaction, they don’t cut corners just to make a profit. Instead, they produce toys whose quality speaks for itself, and that’s why we chose them as part of our own selection!

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