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Achieve Orgasm Faster and Easier with Vibrators

High-frequency vibrations enable many women to more quickly and easily achieve orgasm. Vibrators are versatile instruments, and can be used anywhere on the body to relax muscles, relieve strain, as well as provide precise stimulation for pleasure.

G-spot orgasms

The G-Spot is an erogenous zone located on the forward vaginal wall, two to three inches from the vaginal opening. G-spot orgasms are intense, and uniquely different from orgasms achieved through clitoral stimulation. The G-spot responds well to deep, rumbling vibrations and pressure. G-Spot toys feature a slight bend at the tip, allowing the user to easily locate and apply pressure and vibration. 

Stronger PC Muscles through Kegels

Pelvic floor muscles lose their tone naturally with age, and following pregnancy. It is important to keep PC muscles toned in order to maintain good urinary and vaginal health. Simple kegel exercises with weighted toys can strengthen the pelvic floor, and as an added benefit, stronger PC muscles lead to more intense orgasms, and stronger sensations for both partners.

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